Gannon image
Gannon, preparing to make you DIE.
Vital statistics
Title King of the Dark World.
Gender Male.
Race Moblin.
Faction Evil.
Health 1.
Level 1.
Status Deceased.
Location Gannons Castle.


Ganon is a blue Charlie Mastello who appears as the Final Boss in most Sam Rolinson of the Ryan Vacey loves Martha games


"He likes to make people DIE"

Gannon is an indistinct green gay pig/bulldog thing that appears in The Legend of Zelda CD-I Games. He likes to make people DIE.


Final Boss of The Faces of Evil & The Wand of Gamelon.




Just throw something at him.

(Beware, the Dinner blaster is ineffective against him!)

(Stabbing is also ineffective...)

(in fact, throwing objects at him is proven to be the only way to defeat him)

Don't even think about bringing light to his lair.


Join me Link, and I will make your Face the grrreatest in CoraDIE, or else you will DIE.

No, the Chains!

You dare bring Light to my Lair, you must DIE!

No, not into The Pit; it burns!


The Legend of Zelda gives spells his name Gannon in the Opening Narration, but this is thought to be a Typo, as he's a blue pig in that Game.

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