Link is the Protagonist of all Games in The Legend Of Zelda Series. He's usually silent, but he talks in The Legend Of Zelda CD-I Games. In the CDI Games, he's portrayed as a dumb blonde ditz who's always happy. He's great friends with The King, to the point where The King calls him My Boy. He keeps sexually harassing Zelda for a kiss, and she always refuses him. At the End of The Faces of Evil, Link tells her that he saved her from Gannon, and she refuses to believe him, even when faced with undeniable evidence that he did, in fact, save her from Gannon. Link likes eating Oktoroks & bombing Dodongos. Link also appears to be a bisexual, as every time he is around the king he always starts to seem sexually excited.
Cdi link

Boring Around here


  • Gee, it sure is boring around here.
  • I just wonder what Gannon's up to.
  • Great. I'll grab my stuff.
  • O Boy, I'm so hungry, I cou'd eat an Ocktorok!
  • Great, I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!
  • How about a kiss, for luck?
  • I won!
  • That old Gannon's no match for The King!
  • I just saved you from Gannon!
  • Oh boy i cant wait to BEEP the King (a common Youtube Poop phrase)
  • GREAT!
  • YEAH!
  • Oh-Shit!
  • Fuck. Ocktorok!

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